My name is Ezequiel Leonardo Castaño, I'm christian and a senior engineering student. The reason why I started this blog was to show other people what I've learned over the years, my publications will cover topics related to Engineering, Programming, and Math but since I also enjoy reading the bible, there will be some christian-related publication now and then.

There's been some debate about mixing personal and professional lives. In my case, my Christianity and engineering are two things I am very passionate about and I would like to share that with others too.

My Studies

I am from Argentina, in my country, there are no things like Bachelors and Masters, we have (at least in engineering) 5-6 year-long courses of studies. In my particular case, I started studying systems engineering in 2015 and I expect to finish my degree in 2021. The main idea of this course of studies is to be a bridge between non-technical users while still be able to understand technical information. Some of the technical areas of focus are Simulation, Control Theory, Programming, and Data Science.

During my studies I applied for a scholarship to do an exchange semester in Germany, I got selected and was a student from October 2019 until September 2019 of the TU Ilmenau, as part of my time in Germany I also worked at TRUMPF as an intern.

I've learned loads of new things at the university, particularly to always try to see the big picture. My favourite subjects were those related to mathematical and statistical models such as Simulation, Machine Learning, and Data Visualizations, I also have a big interest in education and open source.

In the language field, I'm a native Spanish speaker, I studied English for 7 years achieving a C1 certification (Cambridge) and I also studied German, last year I got my TestDaF (B2).

My research

Universities have a curriculum, each course has a syllabus but, more often than not, what the student needs in the "real world" is not present there. When I realize this, I started to learn on my own (although I was always a self-learner), reading books, subscribing to Youtube channels, newsletters, and so on. I discover a lot of things but what I'm most interested in is Data Science. I'm currently taken part in several research groups at University, some of which are about Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I have been also part of research groups abroad and currently, I am the coordinator of the combined effort of two teams, one in Argentina and one in Germany.

My Lifestyle

As I said before I'm a theist, and particularly I believe in the Bible's God and that Jesus is the Messiah. That said, I don't think that one's belief in something that is said but rather something that is expressed in the way one lives.

Whether other people agree or not, I strongly defend that our beliefs determine our way of thinking (even for those who deny God's existence). Following Jesus is a choice I made and that changed my entire life, exactly as the Bible teaches it should be. Nothing like the cold and distant traditions most people called "religion".

In case you don't know what christian faith is, I have a Youtube channel (skielcast) where you can search for videos or look for "William Lane Craig" or "Ravi Zacharias" they would explain it much better than I ever could.

My personal experience is the following: I realized I've sinned, sin is everything that deviates from the original purpose of God, whether thoughts, acts, or words. God didn't want me to suffer for the consequence of my sins, which is eternal death, so He became human (Jesus) and gave his life for me in the cross, paying what I should have paid. He, even knowing that I was completely against His will, came, suffer, and died so I could have a now restored relationship with God. How wouldn't I adore that merciful God? Now, in response to such a great act of love, I decided to surrender myself, to willingly become his servant.

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