Latest Update: 2020.11.02

So far I've worked on several projects, both on my own and in a team. This blog is the result of a side project.

On this page, I want to share the most relevant and important projects of mine as well as my current "Work in Progress". For the most updated material however, I recommend you to check my LinkedIn.

I also work as a consultant so if you want assistance for any of your projects regarding Data Science, Technical/Academic Writing, Python or Education, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn and we can discuss the details.

Currently Working / Work in Progress

These are the projects I am currently working on because most probably I will publish the results as a conference paper, only the title will be disclosed.


Python For Programmers Course (Originally in Spanish) - Full Course on Youtube

I recorded a 4.5 hs course where I explained Python for an audience with some programming background, it covers both basic and complex aspects such as Context Managers, Decorators, Generators, and Coroutines. The content and code are publicly available.

Data Science Projects

Bayesian Networks for YouTube - Research Paper

With Professor Guillermo Leale we presented in the European Modelling and Simulation Symposium a research paper where we analyzed YouTube data and implemented a model to identify non-trivial changepoints in a stable channel.

New Gene Genetic Algorithms - Research Paper

During my studies abroad and as a final project for the course "Research Skills" I wrote an open-access Paper with the title "New Gene-Level Probabilistic Genetic Algorithm to Solve Multi Local Minima Problems". The paper covers a new approach to Genetic Algorithms and compares it with the canonical version of the algorithm.

Lane Detection for Autonomous Driving

As part of my exchange semester in Germany, I worked in the Process Optimization department as a research student and I worked in a team developing a lane detection algorithm for a scaled car. The technologies used were Python, OpenCV, and Robotic Operative System (ROS)

ODE Problems with Python - Blog Post

Different ODE Problems were solved with Python, including different scenarios, like stable, unstable, phase diagram, univariate, multivariate, and basic plotting using Python and Matplotlib.

Jupyter Map for Education - MapboxJS & GeoJSON - 2018 - Git Repo - Online Map

This Interactive Web Map shows University Courses that use Jupyter notebooks. It was built with data collected from the professors and formated in a GeoJSON file and plotted using MapboxJS.

Simulation Projects

Inventory Control Simulation - Python 2020 - [Resources Available Soon]

With Gastón Amengual we developed a Monte-Carlo Inventory control simulation using a discrete-event paradigm and Python. This will be presented in the National Congress for Informatics and Systems Engineering in 2020 Fall.

Elevators Simulation - AnyLogic - 2018 - Blog Post - AnyLogic Cloud

This is a simulation model in which the elevator of the university was represented. It was built with the AnyLogic software and the Free Learning Edition. The model can be run online, as many times as you want. Some of its features are:

Software Development Projects

Personal Website - Pelican & Python - 2018-Present - Git Repo

I developed this website using Pelican, and some plugins (some of which I programmed myself). It is a completely static, lightweight, and modern website using only freely available technologies to share my articles, which are about both personal and professional topics.

Some of the features of the website are:

The following features were provided via the plugins I developed:

This website was designed to work with the MinimalXYZ theme (see below) to achieve the best results, when using together, there are some additional features:

Some other third-party plugins used provided the following features:

MinimalXYZ - Jinja2 HTML5 CSS3 JS Sass - 2018-Present - Git Repo

MinimalXYZ is the Pelican Theme used for this website. It first started as a fork of another theme called MinimalXY and completely rewrite it to my preference.

Some of its main features are:

This theme was developed specifically for this blog so many features that are possible because of the pelican build step such as:

Open Source Contributions

Early Developments

These were my first projects, I have programmed several things earlier but these were the first time I developed a "complete system".

Booking System - Java - 2017 - Web - Desktop

A booking system implemented in the Java programming language which manages 3 main entities, people, bookable types, and bookable items. It creates bookings with no overlapping.

Some of its features are:

Non-Functional Requirements for both Web and Desktop:

Educational System - .NET WPF and ASP.Net MVC - 2017 - TFS Repo

University System developed with the .Net Framework (WPF and ASP MVC). It covers the management of users, subjects, students, permissions, and related entities.

Functional Requirements:

Non-Functional Requirements for Web and Desktop:

Other Toy Projects

I enjoy writing scripts, most of the time as a hobby, most of the projects are available as a blog post on this website or as a GitHub Repository.

Circular Times Table - Python - 2019 - Blog Post - Github Gist - Online Jupyter (MyBinder): Using a Mathologer video to reproduce the results using basic and advance matplotlib to create HD animations.

Fractals - Python - 2018 - Blog Post: Developed nice visuals for Fractals using Python Turtle and L-Systems.

Genetic Algorithms - Python - 2017 - Git Repo: As a part of a course at university I developed some scripts that implement Genetic Algorithms, this was my first contact with this methodology.