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Add Google Analytics (or any custom HTML) to Streamlit with Github Pages

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Streamlit is one of the most popular libraries for creating web apps using Python, and they also provide a service to freely host and share your apps. One of the issues with this free sharing capability is that one losses control over the app, for instance, it is no longer possible to control how the precise HTML will look like or add custom Open Graph or analytics. This post shows a simple and easy way to add all of this by using Github Pages.

Lessons learnt After Developing Finance Web Tools with Streamlit and Altair (No HTML/CSS/JS)

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There are a lot of resources available online about personal finances, stocks, markets, cryptos, and many more economy-related topics. However the decisions one has to make should be informed in order to be good enough. This post covers the lessons learnt after developing similar tools using Streamlit and Altair. No HTML/CSS/JS were needed. This post will make the reader aware of some pros and cons of this libraries and also show an example app.

Multipage, State-Persistent Apps with Streamlit

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Converting a Python script to a web app has never been easier thanks to libraries such as Streamlit. This library allows to create simple and responsive web apps with minimal effort but there is one potential limitation: No multipage support. In this post, a potential solution to this problem is presented with examples and demos.