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Secure Live Collaboration in Jupyter Lab

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The single most requested feature for Jupyter Notebooks/Lab was live collaboration á la Google Docs. Today, this is possible but should be done with caution, since it gives access to the whole internet to run any (including malicious) code on our local PC. This is a quick guide to prevent this by implementing several layers of security.

Jupyter Publishing Guide: From Embedded to Book

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Jupyter Notebooks are the lingua franca for Data Science. There is hardly any data scientist that has never used this IDE. However, in contrast to its popularity and usefulness, the process of sharing a Jupyter Notebook is not straightforward. This article presents a brief survey of the different publishing solutions available for personal and/or commercial projects.

Embed Interactive Jupyter Notebooks in Static Websites for Free

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After a lot of research on the internet, I found no practical tutorial explaining how to embed Jupyter Notebooks in Static Websites using only free technologies. I found a way to do it using Github Gists, MyBinder and NBInteract along with IPython Widgets and I want to share it so no one has to reinvent the wheel.